Posted Jan 29th, 2013 (1:00 pm) by Rachel Rosenson

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Catch Bees' latest track “Brevity”, off the forthcoming EP Narratives from a Factory Town, sounds destined for a movie soundtrack.

The music swells and spews magic, making it easy to picture a young teenage love running through a lilac field or a child frantically searching the crowd for a lost mother. At the same time, though, it is still a mostly instrumental track that would situate itself perfectly in a study playlist or playing in the kitchen while cooking dinner.

Colorado native Philip Waggoner (of Sunshine House) has several strong elements going for him in “Brevity”. The chanting honeysuckle voice is one found commonly in Indie tracks right now and gives tribute to an almost bluegrass verse. The violin and tambourine inserts are hauntingly beautiful and show a true mastership of the musical craft. The tune itself is whimsically beautiful and sounds perfect for a movie soundtrack, without loosing its iPod-shuffle-everyday-listen relate-ability.

Catch Bees is a project written, recorded and produced by Waggoner himself. With a sound of such humble simplicity and a hauntingly beautiful vibe all on this one track alone, listeners should definitely be excited for the rest of the EP whenever it may drop.

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