Posted Jan 24th, 2013 (11:30 am) by Rachel Rosenson
Helado Negro
Helado Negro

Helado Negro’s latest music video for the single “Dance Ghost” is not just a music video, but a snapshot of what could be a full-length film. With an artistic presence and strong storyline, “Dance Ghost” gives an insight into the wonderful mind of Helado Negro.

Helado Negro itself is a story, told by the brilliant Roberto Carlos Lange. Lange grew up the son of Ecuadorean immigrants in South Florida. He grew up influenced by the colors and sounds of his family's Latin American culture. Fueled by this music and visions, Lange began producing improvised performances, sound sculptures, and drum machines made out of rhythmic recycled materials. In 2006, Lange moved to New York where Helado Negro was born. Lange recorded the happenings of his Brooklyn studio, and mixed these sounds with synthesizers, records and live instruments. His songs are born out of love—love for his Latin American roots, love for his community, and love for sound.

“Dance Ghost”, off of his album Invisible Life, gives fans an insight into Helado Negro’s mind. Yes, there is an overarching narrative of a man who loves to dance, but rather than dance in public and perform, only finds comfort in dancing along (as a ghost, if the title did not tip you off). However, the video’s orchestration shows what I presume Lange’s mind must be like. Going out into the world and seeing the swirling color of lights and hearing pulsating beats from a club, appreciating the cityscape sounds from a late night walk, finding rhythm in even small things like sweeping—the main character takes all of this and then goes to an abandoned building to dance alone. However, instead of Lange going to dance alone, he alone is bringing these influences together to create his new and unique sounds.

Helado Negro is a strong artist with quality tracks churning out. The music video for “Dance Ghost” only makes listeners more curious to what he will pull together next.

Helado Negro - Dance Ghost from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

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