Posted Nov 19th, 2012 (1:00 pm) by Mohamed El-Darwish
Teen Mom - Mean Tom EP 12"

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The fifth track off D.C. pop trio Teen Mom's Mean Tom EP, begins as a nice breath of fresh bedroom-indie rock air, but something goes terribly wrong.

The track begins with a tight, high-hat heavy drum pattern and a memorable, sweet hook on guitar. A lead guitar that really forces the listener to pay attention as it builds a foundation of bitter-sweet conflict for the chorus's eventual release. But the chorus is lazy and over-reliant on a distortion effect. It's too simple. It's constructed by just two power chords and resembles the overplayed and contrived drone-rock that is all too prevalent on FM radio. Likewise, the once-stimulating drums serve hardly a purpose in the chorus as the ride cymbal desperately tries to claim sonic territory.

"Say My Name" can be summed up as the tale of two recordings. It begins so promisingly with rich folk imagery. It displays a tight & well-rehearsed band effectively toying with its audience, as well as a memorable hook on guitar which both invites listeners to keep listening and gives the track most of its re-playability. But it's the chorus where Teen Mom seems to reach for an anthemic post-rock sound and falls considerably short. Still, the verses and bridge are so cool they do warrant some forgiveness.

Mean Tom 12" is set to drop Nov. 27th and is available for pre-order on Analog Edition.

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