Posted Apr 9th, 2013 (1:42 pm) by Mohamed El-Darwish
The Knife
The Knife

Swedish electronic duo and siblings The Knife have released a conceptual interview leaning on the macabre, abstract, and deconstructed aesthetic the band have clearly defined for themselves.

"What we do is political, we want to question the knife". In this music video-type interview the band talk in depth about their creative process, the environment in which they create, and the purposes behind it all.

The visuals here are very cohesive with that of previous music videos by the group, especially their most recent splash and 2012 heavyweight contender for Song of the Year, "A Tooth For An Eye".

"We get our language back through the language of others, and we played and we played and we played, to let go of what we already knew about music, and explore what we didn't know, letting go."

The Knife will be releasing Shaking The Habitual, their first studio album since Silent Shout seven years ago, this April.

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