Posted Feb 4th, 2013 (4:31 pm) by Mohamed El-Darwish
Pretty Boy

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Peaking Lights really get the idea behind Montreal's Young Galaxy. Their remix of "Pretty Boy" has elevated what was a very good song, with a very distinct style, to even more a universal status.

With a clear-eyed, producers approach to the original session, Peaking Lights has made a mix that emphasizes what is very best about the group, while wisely excluding the questionable elements.

Young Galaxy walk a fine line between being inspirational and being cliche, and walk it magnificently with some of the very best synth arpeggio in the business.

Sure they use a fixed tempo, loops, arpeggios and other various shortcuts, but remember that not all music is created equal. Some music have a specific function. Some tracks must be judged differently.

With a theme reminiscent of 2010's "We Have Everything", the style features a sweet, consonant complexity, the track is seamless and accessible. The lyrics are ambiguous, yet carry enormous subtext. With each layer, with each little piece, Young Galaxy seek to elevate pop as an art form. Perhaps not intentionally, but with keen attention to the details and an unbridled joy for song craft, the band accomplish this.

This track appears to use it's fixed tempo, and looped structure not primarily as a shortcut, but rather to explore a conceptual construct. Peaking Lights deserves credit for bringing out the very best in this particular track, rather than creating a mix that is self-serving.

No one will say the remix itself is notable for its qualities as a traditional remix. But it goes without saying it surpasses the original track.

Young Galaxy's new album Ultramarine is out April 23 worldwide on Paper Bag Records.

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