Posted Dec 10th, 2012 (12:30 pm) by Mohamed El-Darwish
Mountains - 'Living Lens'

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"Living Lens" off Mountains' upcoming LP Centralia can be described as the slow movement of melodies like two tectonics plates colliding, one plate being buried beneath the other. The track elevates continuously like the ambient snake that eats its own tail, forever nourishing itself on its own resonant frequencies.

"Living Lens" has the kind of intro that would normally suggest a very loud post-rock wall of sound to come punching in, but it never does break from its intentions, never falters as it climb towards its goal.

The guitars ring out into space as synth pads gradually fill in the cracks. The minimalism and elegant simplicity of the track is its most strikingly memorable feature. It's brave enough to make a statement so far away from where pop culture is right now. Basically telling the listener to "slow down" and to "decompress", allowing things to happen more gradually, to live life as if finding room for each moment is what holds the key to what comes next.

Those assimilated into our tech-driven, fast culture of electronic signals and internet connectivity may feel an unfamiliar sensation. The sensation is deliberation disguised as emptiness. If you can get on the same level as the track, you may even notice how "Living Lens" makes concessions to keep listeners engaged, but the idea remains steadfast and personal. It's a sense of delayed gratification's benefits opposed to that of over stimulation.

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