Posted Aug 23rd, 2010 (7:37 pm) by Matt Midgley

As a dyed-in-the-wool minimalist, I've always considered it more impressive when great music is made up of very little. Perhaps it's that the lack of instrumentation makes what is there more poignant. Perhaps it's just that I like empty space. Either way, I'm always excited by artists with minimalist tendencies, and as such, I'm pretty excited about Fielded.

Fielded is the solo project of Ga'an frontwoman and vocalist, Lindsay Powell. Under this moniker, Powell creates airy, atmospheric music in which her vocals are the centerpiece, and all instrumentation is merely a supplement. And while the arrangements are fairly minimal, the resulting sound isn't mellow or slow-paced, as is usually the case. Rather, her music as Fielded is consistently upbeat and lighthearted.

Fielded's debut album, Terrageist, is set for a September 7th vinyl-only release on Catholic Tapes.

Terrageist Official Tracklist:
1. "The Watcher"
2. "Demon Seed"
3. "Red Queen"
4. "All the Best"
5. "Another Time"
6. "Come the Day"
7. "Reason"
8. "Fire Rock Walls"
9. "Cowershells"

Tour Dates

8/10 Kansas City @ The Blarney Stone (38th & Broadway) with All Blood
8/11 Norman, OK with Universe City @ Bill & Dee's (311 East Main St.)
8/12 Denton TX with Orange Coax @ Majestic Dwelling of Doom
8/13 Austin TX with Expensive Shit & Soft Healer @ Cheer Up Charlie's
8/14 Houston TX @ Notsuoh
8/15 New Orleans @ Joey's House! Join us for a special late lunch show!!
8/16 Atlanta GA @ 529 FREE!!!!
8/17 Columbia SC @ Jefferson Mayday Mayday's
8/18 Greensboro MAYA GALLERY
8/19 Richmond VA & MY BIRTHDAY
8/20 Baltimore MD TBA
8/21 Philly @ Tire Island
8/22 NYC @ Death by Audio with Lichens and Driphouse
8/23 NYC @ Bruar Falls with Kevin Hufnagel (of Dysrhythmia) and Religious to Damn
8/24 Providence, RI @ Operateque
8/25 Allston, MA @ Problem House (11 Islington St.) with Water & Skimask
8/26 Northampton @ Media Mansion (George's House)
8/27 Buffalo, NY @ TBA with Shapes of States
8/28 Cleveland, OH @ The Front Room Gallery (3615 Superior Avenue) with Mark McGuire & Pimlo
8/29 Columbus @ SKYLAB
8/30 Louisville
8/31 Lexington
9/1 St. Louis
9/2 Columbia
9/3 Iowa City @ White Lightning Warehouse

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