Posted Jan 23rd, 2013 (11:30 am) by Patrick Burke
Album cover 'Destroy ze Prototype'
Album cover 'Destroy ze Prototype'

More Google results turn up on the dietary habits of grey wolves than information about obscure San Juan three-piece Wolvesprey.

Search tides may change after listeners get a sampling of their scratched and fuzzed sounds or Wolfcountry.net may be getting a swing in page hits from confused listeners. Band members Daniel Toro, Jonathan Sewell and Ricardo Perez may have a low internet profile as of yet but their lo-fi debut album Destroy ze Prototype makes serious noise.

The band is tagged alone under an unfamiliar term “trashbit” on Bandcamp. That novel tag may be a catch-all (they are also tagged in the highly populated 8-bit and the equally broad electronic, indie and instrumental categories)for the way they trash together those different bits to create their sounds. The spastic glitches and manic samples in “Dayum” crash through a raw and aggressively danceable number that will have many sounding out the title with exclamation points. The 8-bit ballad “Stage II” is far more ambient noise than danceable noise. While album closer “Tosurreyandback” takes Mortal Kombat battles to a rave scene.

The chosen tracks are representative of Wolvesprey’s sound and Destory ze Prototype can be downloaded for free, so contribute to the shattering of prototypes and check out Wolvesprey.

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