Posted Jan 24th, 2013 (10:00 am) by Patrick Burke
Tokimonsta and Kool Keith The Force

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Unlikely pairing of Tokimonsta and Kool Keith augurs interesting things from the producers upcoming full-length on new label Ultra.

Combining rap and electronic is certainly not for everyone but if any rapper belongs floating abstract non-sequiturs over formless electronic soundscapes it is the man who created Dr. Octagon, an incompetent, space-traveling surgeon from Jupiter. TOKiMONSTA has her own knack with heady beats and spacey atmospherics, her Brainfeeder-released EP Creature Dreams received a 75 rating from IYS and was acclaimed by other music sites.

The track is in anticipation of the LA-based producers upcoming Ultra Music debut set for Spring 2013. The legendary oddball of underground rap supposedly quit the game last July for a variety of off-beat Kool Keith reasons. Dr. Octagonecologyst and Jennifer Lee may seem like a strange combination, and while “The Force” is certainly something different, it is not completely divergent from the sounds featured on Creature Dreams and the leanings of Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label.

“The Force” starts with a polyrhythmic drumming intro that creates space for Kool Keith, who is in classic interplanetary freeform, rapping off familiarly cosmic-oriented, anti-establishment themes. It is great to hear Keith again, his unhinged, idiosyncratic flow fits the form and echoes with the drums as some squeaky alien voice repeats his lines. His voice is forefront and elevates over the beat, possibly to a detriment as Tokimonsta laced some subtle blips and intricacies that are overshadowed and left in space dust. Overall the track delivers in what it was intending to do, taking elements of old-school underground hip-hop and progressive electronic music into something unique from both. It is an interesting combination but they succeed in making it work.

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