Posted Nov 30th, 2012 (12:30 pm) by Patrick Burke
Elijah Wood with anamatronic arm
Elijah Wood with anamatronic arm

The video for “Tiny Tortures” from October’s Until The Quiet Comes features the actor as a pill-popping, single-limb amputee with a bit more than your typical magnetism.

In Flying Lotus’ newest video, Wood, a recently disabled baseball star recovering from some unexplained accident, disturbed by his phantom limb, suddenly discovers nearby objects in his apartment coming together into a motley, animatronic prosthetic arm. Wood drifts further from his apartment on earth and into some shapeless, timeless lava lamp ether where his flesh, vein and muscle appendage regenerates miraculously. He is awed by nostalgic fantasies of home-runs and swirling polychromatic forms. He wakes up with hints that it may have been more than just a dream.

Directed by David Lewandowski, the video fits the scattered, clicky drums and atmospheric riffs with Wood's typical facial-theatrics to show the hysterical pain, wonder and jubilation of a man suddenly conjuring and regaining a lost piece of himself while floating through the colorful, complex mind of Steven Ellison.

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