Posted Jan 3rd, 2013 (11:30 am) by Patrick Burke
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The industrial project, iammynewt, released the glitched-out and ominous Second Coming on December 21, and the album would have made a fitting soundtrack if the world had been sucked into some Mayan apocalypse.

Iammynewt is the brainchild of North Carolina native Chris Cozart, who contributed to every aspect of the album from writing, recording, artwork and mastering. The appropriately named Second Coming is the artist’s second full-length album and first for CLR Studios.

With an aim for minimalistic sound and structure, Cozart created the project in 2002 and has released a glut of music previous to his full-length debut, 2011’s Boom Operator. He has many interesting videos that can be viewed on Iammynewt’s personal Youtube channel.

Iammynewt has received a fair share of acclaim from music sites including ReGen magazine who had this to say: "The sound of iammynewt is one of urgency and aggravation, chock full of ear-splitting synthesizer arrangements, desolate atmospheres, and head-churning beats. There is a deceptive simplicity to iammynewt's approach; stark, visceral, and rich in creativity. One is never overwhelmed, and yet one can get lost in the sonic maze."

You can check out all of Iammynewt’s catalogue for yourself here.

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