Posted Jan 30th, 2013 (1:00 pm) by Patrick Burke

Steve, Clément, Lorin, Rémy and Dorian, members of the 5-piece Fishes (formerly known as Kinda Weird Fishes) give the band a diverse sound and composition. With Chinese, French, Cameroonian and Belgian backgrounds, they all came together serendipitously in a languid melting-pot of a Parisian suburb.

Though their website is in French and internet translator-bots seem to lose something in translation, one doesn’t have to go out and get Rosetta Stone to decipher their sonic influences or groove to their jams. The band cites the scenes of Portland, Berlin, Barcelona, L.A. and NYC as inspiration, as well as breaking apart their sound influences piece-by-piece: Grizzly Bear chorus’s, Apparat’s electronic waves, El Guincho’s exoticism, Hot Chip’s sexiness, Animal Collective’s psychedelia, twisted hip-hop of Childish Gambino, Sufjan Stevens complex arrangements, and quasi-Phil Specter vocal harmonies. While not all these are found in each song, some influences are more apparent than others.

“A Drive to the Psycho’s” displays some of these cosmopolitan influences into a scatted pop amble. Starting with bubbling melodies and harmonies and introducing a breezy guitar riff. After some electronic flourishes and lyrics about guns and breaking things, Fishes reveal a weirder side and the song does drift off in a way similar to some Animal Collective campfire psych-out.

Fishes have gained fans abroad and in cyberspace, releasing free songs and receiving generally good reviews with indie blogs from Deutschland to Texas and places in between. With a spacey remix of Local Native’s “Wide Eye’s” featuring Louis Hazy, a cover of French House artist Kavinsky’s “Night Call” and a handful of original songs on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, Fishes are still exploring the bounds of their melodic pop sound. The band is currently touring France, for more information State-side you can check out their website for videos and more uploads.

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