Posted Jan 1st, 2013 (11:00 am) by Patrick Burke
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The self-described space-Western band from Louisiana released a new album, the third in a continuing epic narrative.

Lands of Sleep is the third chapter in Engine’s conceptual chronicle, following characters and themes from their previous two albums.

If one has yet to become immersed in the Engine world, the band sketches the basics of the story for newcomers on their Bandcamp and Facebook profiles: “Hold fast to the tail of this fire-breathing fox and rush into worlds of murderous owls, sunken ships, and comets streaming from the heavens.”

Their debut record The Factory Fire was recorded when members of Shreveport, Louisiana bands Her Sweet Autumn Misery and Gashcat came together to tell engine’s tale. May’s Caverns of Sonora was the sophomore release in the trilogy.

It isn’t necessary to completely follow the story to enjoy the tunes. The two featured tracks are off of their debut and can be downloaded for free at Bandcamp. The most recent installment came out October 31 for Roselawn Recording Company and all can be previewed and purchased at Bandcamp.

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