Posted Jan 30th, 2013 (2:00 pm) by Patrick Burke
Clytem Scanning
Clytem Scanning

Clytem Scanning is the solo-project of a Parisian woman with a thing for darkness. Clytem Scanning’s debut full-length Armada came out in April 2012 on Clytem Records. Marianne followed up with November’s sophomore album Mirada Fuerte.

Hopeless by design, Mirada Fuerte (Strong Gaze) is a more narrative-driven glimpse of the desolate future worlds these sounds inhabit. In an interview with Bobby Townsend on Something You Said, Scanning cited her main influences as Finnish experimental outfit Pan Sonic and Tatsumi Hijikata’s highly stylized and choreographed Butoh dance routines. She also stated that she wanted to go away from making “nice pop music.”

“It is more aggressive, insidious and darker,” Scanning said of her sophomore album. “It is a machine that screams.”

Her website describes the album as: “a mixture of blood, eroticism, witchcraft and Ankoku Dance.” The sonic atmosphere, lyrics and the howled vocals consistently conjure these themes.

You can find her albums on Bandcamp and iTunes and her homemade videos on Youtube. "Lions and Montgolfiers," is off of her first album and "Melasse" is off of Mirada Fuerte.

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