Posted Feb 5th, 2013 (4:31 pm) by Corey Ames

Swedish rockers MF/MB/ have released the brand new video for their anthemic new single "Casualties."

The performance clip finds the band rocking amongst trippy filters and lighting tricks, reminiscent of your favorite early 90s indie video.

MF/MB/ are shooting for the rafters here and it shows. "Casualties" is a confident and huge sounding rocker, which makes full use of the 5 members in MF/MB/.

The vocals are incredibly strong, with two singers trading impassioned vocal duties on the verses and the whole band shouting together for the excellent chorus.

Perhaps the most singular element of "Casualties", however, is the keyboard backing, used exceedingly well to punctuate every element of the song even more than it already was, and making for a rousing listen.

"Casualties" comes from MF/MB/'s forthcoming album Colossus, out March 1st 2013, and if it maintains the energy on display in "Casualties," it's going to be a doozy.

Download "Casualties" here.

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