Posted Dec 28th, 2012 (11:30 am) by Corey Ames
Music For My Plants, Expedition Chant Cup EP
Music For My Plants, Expedition Chant Cup EP
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Very little information is available on the psychedelic prog-by-way-of-weirdo-tropical-acid-house group Music For Your Plants.

What is out there: Music For Your Plants are a three piece band based in Tallinn, Estonia. Signed to Cakes And Tapes, the three members are credited only by first names. Rene & Norman are credited with “Strings” and Ronald is responsible for “Percussion.” (It almost goes without saying that this is an extremely oversimplified list of credits- who, then, is playing all of these keyboards??)

Music For Your Plants have released two EPs one, a self-titled effort released in 2010, and another, Expedition Chant Cup , released this past October. Music For Your Plants’ musical change becomes quite evident when listening to these two releases. Music For Your Plants has a more raw and traditionally psychedelic feel to it. Tracks like “A City In The Sea” display a more guitar heavy sound than anything on Expedition Chant Cup , while “Tour Peru” previews MFYP’s upcoming emphasis on acid house.

Expedition Chant Cup (available for free download here) is described, bafflingly, on Cakes and Tapes website as “a world muzak concept EP about a voyage expedition adventure trip for the gang attack MUSIC.” The description goes on to say the EP’s “global bass laden constructions clash in primitive cannibal interior features such as a cafe del mar CD washed ashore in OCEANIA”

No, we’re not exactly sure what that means. BUT, what we are sure of is that Expedition Chant Cup shows a more sonically adventurous Music For Your Plants. Classic acid house is the main influence on this EP, but it also dips its toes in tropicalia and even easy listening. The track “القذافي الأمازون الحرس” shows MFYP at their most intense, eastern instrumentation and chants surround a bubbling intense beat, making for a menacing, however danceable, experience, and one wholly different from the generally positive vibes in much of MFYP’s work.

Music For Your Plants have the air of a group that could only exist on the internet. The anonymity that comes with an internet presence allows for limitless genre mixing as well as simply weirdness for the sake of intrigue (take a look at MFYP’s tumblr), not to mention allows for band names like “Music For Your Plants.” Here’s hoping they remain interesting musically and don’t just succumb to the weight of their own strangeness like so many weird anonymous bands have.

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