Posted Feb 25th, 2013 (11:05 am) by Corey Ames

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I found it quite a tough decision whether to write about the original version of Swedish songstress Sally Shapiro's nu-disco anthem "Starman", or Miami Nights 1984's remix of the same

The choice between the two really comes down to how you like your nostalgia. Shapiro's original, featuring retro disco luminaries Electric Youth, is a slice of sticky sweet disco, and could just as easily be inspired by the 70s as the 80s. (It's chorus of "I want to love you/Mr. Starman at once brings to mind both Michael Jackson and David Bowie.) Miami Nights, 1984's remix, however, is placed, as you might have guessed, squarely in the 80s, and manages to walk the line between "cheesy" and "glorious" with ease. 

Miami Nights 1984's, aka Victoria, British Columbia native Michael Glover's, guiding principal, both aesthetically and musically, seems to be that music peaked with the soundtrack for Miami Vice, and he desires to spend his professional life recreating that mood, albeit with modern technologies.

And so from this mindset with get the absolutely soaring, synthed out remix to "Starman." Where the original only talked about loving a Starman, Miami Nights 1984's remix has enough propulsion behind it to actually make this dream a reality.

One can imagine any number of penultimate scenes from any number of 80s movies soundtracked here. The verses could score a beatific prom scene in a coming of age comedy, while the chorus could soundtrack an epic car chase, Eddie Murphy involved or otherwise.

Miami Nights 1984's aesthetic is one easy to deride, and is so squarely placed in one style as to inevitably alienate some. But for those who remember the 80s fondly (or have watched enough VH1 to think they do) it doesn't get much better than this.

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