Posted Mar 29th, 2013 (12:59 pm) by Corey Ames

It's been almost two years since Vermont/Massachusetts band BOBBY released their self titled debut record, and even longer since we've heard their debut single "Sore Spores" (one of this writer's favorite songs of 2011), or even heard much about them at all.

Despite this, and for some strange reason, "Sore Spores" is only now getting a music video. The psychedelic story of two oddball lovers in the woods, the video, crafted by videOracle, is high on effects and low on budget, but manages to capture the whimsical loveliness of "Spore Spores" well enough. And as Spring finally seems to have sprung, this is nice remainder of the warm easy going times to come, and a reminder that BOBBY is still a band (we think?) and that hopefully more songs as wonderful as "Sore Spores" are forthcoming.

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