Posted Jan 14th, 2013 (12:00 pm) by Corey Ames
Matthew Dear, "Fighting Is Futile (Benoit & Sergio Remix)"

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In anticipation for the forthcoming Matthew Dear Fighting Is Futile Remixes 12" Ghostly International has released Washington, D.C. duo Benoit & Sergio's mix of "Fighting Is Futile.

The original version of "Fighting Is Futile, off of Matthew Dear's Beams , was a funky rock-oriented song showcasing Dear's signature deep, borderline-menacing vocals. Benoit and Sergio's remix, on the other hand, spaces the track out to 8 minutes of spacey disco funk, nearly unrecognizable from the original track.

Dear's vocals are buried low and put through a vocoder, looping only the most melodic and friendly part of his lyrics. Piano lines fade in and out of the track and a steady bassline, only vaguely similar to the one in the original, anchors it all.

All in all Benoit & Sergio have done a great job of making "Fighting Is Futile" their own, and allowing for both their own vision, as well as the best elements of the original track, to shine through, which is what any good remix aspires to do.

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