Posted Jan 14th, 2013 (12:30 pm) by Shelby Glass

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Fresh out of the Fort Collins, Colorado area comes the experimental-punk band, Wire Faces. They are a not-so-classic three- piece band with a leads-singer drummer.

Shane Zweygardt, Ian Haygood and Menyus Borocz started debuting music together in March of 2011 and now their third album, King Cataract, is coming out on February 7th. Two of them (Ian and Shane) had been in a band together previously. They are very comfortable with each other, and now their music writing is coming more naturally for them— they are making albums at a faster rate.

From King Cataract, comes "Replicator," their debut track. Their sound is a bit punky, but not too harsh. This track is pretty static and a bit kitchy to be honest; it does not celebrate their new album as best as some of the other songs, but it is a good sampling of Wire Faces’ punk nature. The band is evolving their sound and using new instruments in this album— like the accordion. They should have chosen a song that is a bit less main-stream to debut off the album to celebrates their more fun, happy edge. In many of their songs they sound a lot like The Talking Heads, but not in this one. Check out the full album here to get a better gist of their new sound.

They are currently campaigning to raise $5,000 for King Cataract. They have two weeks left, so donate now if you are interested. They don't have a tour planned yet, but they are interested in the idea come the summer months.

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