Posted Dec 28th, 2012 (4:00 pm) by Shelby Glass
Lowercase Noises, Andy Othling
Lowercase Noises, Andy Othling
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Lowercase Noises is the ambient/ instrumental project of guitarist, Andy Othling who claims “to be interested in playing as slow as possible.” The unique combination of banjo, harmonic-noises and ambient acoustics creates timbre filled with emotion, flowing from the heart; Othling transfers the listener to a mystical other-world.

From Albaqurque, NM, Othling started Lowercase Noises as a YouTube project—a series of ambient recordings, combined to make his second album, Ambient Songs, based around his variant guitar skills and a heap of loop pedals. With the combination of his meticulous guitar abilities along with his complex composing abilities, he has been sharing his unique sound, all his own, for the last four years. He has written seven albums ranging from his first, Seafront, to his most recent, Passage. Within the mix, he created both albums Marshall and Vivian for his son and daughter. Othling also plays lead guitar for singer/songwriter Chuck Elmore.

Here is a preview of the mood of their new album, Passage. This creative video idea gives the viewers a full-fledged visual and audio experience of his new work. This album just came out last month on November 28.

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