Posted Jan 22nd, 2013 (11:00 am) by Shelby Glass

Fresh from Brooklyn, NY comes Snowmine, a lush, five-piece indie-pop band, who have been breaking it down since 2001. With layered instruments their sound is more musical than lyrical, producing a high quality sound.

Having been friends from their NYU days, (except for guitarists Austin Mendenhall) these guys decided to take band vision an indie-pop route because they agreed that they all liked a good pop-song. The band consists of Austin Mendenall (guitar), Jay Goodman (bass), Calvin Pia (guitar) Alex Beckmann (drums), and lead singer/composer Grayson Sanders. Sanders is the glue for Snowmine; as both a son of an Opera singer and as himself a classical composer, he has recently changed his focus to being the lead singer, songwriter of this group. Yet, with this classic background, the band certainly leaves room for contemporary advances. They take modern style, modern technology and make it their own. They do not get lost in the noise of it all, they enhance it. The band focuses on creating a sound that follows the lyrics being sung, taking the listener on a musical journey. This focus makes their music experiential.

In the summer of 2010 they recorded their debut LP,Laminate Pet Animal and in May 2011 it went public. Some may say their sound is similar to Arcade fire, which is valid, but they are certainly something else, something their own. With lots of over dubbing and layering, they claim the title of a Jurassic Park house band. Their unique sound and attitude is quite intriguing.

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