Posted Dec 20th, 2012 (12:30 pm) by Shelby Glass
Hey Rosetta!
Hey Rosetta!
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The six-piece Canadian indie band, Hey Rosetta!, is becoming more popular by the day. Debuting in 2005, this band is known for its layered sound with the instruments of a traditional band, plus the flare of classic violin, cello and piano.

Hey Rosetta! has been gaining much recognition. In the past couple of years they have won countless awards; one of their main accomplishments was getting their second album, Into Your Lungs, titled Album of the Year at the inaugural XM Satellite Radio Verge Music Awards in 2008. The band gained even more recognition when their song "Red Heart" was featured at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics video montage celebrating Canadian pride.

Their newest video for their single, “Carry Me Home,” visually illustrates their beautiful melodies. For this project, director, Noah Pink, created one, harmonious video from a string of clips taken from the band's various travels and tours. This collage of memories is the perfect foundation for their song “Carry Me Home,” signifying their love for the road, but also their home. Home is a haven, home is safe, home is nostalgic. The words of the song, paired with the images of the past and the present make for the perfect representation of Hey Rosetta!’s message: “home is shelter.” If history repeats itself, which history has proven to be the affirmative, then the video for “Carry me Home” will not go unnoticed.

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