Posted Dec 28th, 2012 (3:00 pm) by Shelby Glass
Martsman, German DJ
Martsman, German DJ
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The multi talented DJ and producer, Martsman (Martin Heinze), creates a unique sound while pushes the traditional boundaries of Drum&Bass. With his “anything goes” philosophy, Martsman stays true to himself by keeping his music innovative.

Haling from Berlin, Germany, Martsman is an active member of the Drum&Bass movement. His first vinyl endeavor, “Ago,” in 2005 caught the attention of many listeners. Since then, he has been mixing-up genres, such as dubstep and Ragga, to create a sound all his own. Martsman spreads his music by playing in clubs and at festivals all over the map of Europe — from Barcelona to St. Petersburg, Martsman has thrown it down euro-wide. Furthermore,along with his DJ and producing skills, he is also responsible for A&R at Plainausio, which is a new label for Drum&Bass, Electronica and Experimental music featuring different international artists. Unfortunately, the label has not been public since 2011.

To describe Martsman’s music is quite difficult— it is almost as if he makes mash-ups of electronic noises. The end result is a hyper noise. His track “8 bit bouncer” is the perfect preview of his work. If you enjoyed this taste, then here you can find their latest 4 song track, Black Plastics Pt. 5, just released December 17, 2012. By creating a new normal, Martsman's fresh take on Drum & Bass is pleasing listeners.

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