Posted Apr 3rd, 2013 (10:45 am) by Shelby Glass
Foolk, "Millions Of"
Foolk, "Millions Of"
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Straight from Slovakia comes Foolk, the button pusher.

This abstract electronic artist makes digitized music seem approachable, more human, on his new full-length album, Millions Of, a glitchey, randomized collection of songs and noises. With the effortless touch of a MacBook curser, it seems that you could have created this cacophony of sounds. The Trnava, Slovakia-based beatsmith got his start with his Bleep Bleep EP released back in 2007, and since has worked with the likes of Coldcut, Daedelus, Kid Koala, and more.

His most complete work to date, Millions Of utilizes a blend of low-end synth lines, percussion clicks, and vocal samples, each weaving their part into a subtle, yet richly textured whole. The result is a cross between that of his contemporary Daedelus, and Teebs, both potent button pushers and known for low-end detail.

Millions Of is surely Foolk's breakthrough record, so you'll definitely want to keep an eye on this rising artist in the coming year. Foolk is currently touring Europe, check out his list of dates here.

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