Posted Nov 16th, 2012 (12:30 pm) by Lauren Boyce
Danny Malone, Balloons

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It’s obvious why Danny Malone chose “Spiderlegs” to be the first single off his forthcoming album Balloons. It’s the standout track from the album.

"Spiderlegs," similar to his 2009 debut Cuddlebug, has a way with words that can elicit that ever so humble "love and lost" feeling that we all know of, while casting it in a romantic (rather than depressing) light. It starts slow, adding little touches here and there, be it a whisper, a finger snap, or even an electronic undertone. As the track picks up, the lyrics correspond, such as “it’s hard to find a problem/ that I can’t dissolve/ by doubling the dosage/ ‘til there's no resolve.” This track does a fantastic job at layering converted emotions to audible feeling, building and building until you reach that point where you’re totally invested, and you don’t even mind where it goes because it’s all good.

One can’t accurately compare this to standard indie, folk, post-rock, or pop, because the track's more or less all of them at some point, thus making this track tough to assess objectively. What we can look at is how seamlessly the genres weave together, and the reality is that the track works better as a culmination that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Malone pulled it off, and although comparatively his knack for great storytelling lyrics hasn’t gone from good to outstanding, “Spiderlegs” demonstrates a musical maturity that has grown immensely along with his own self.

Balloons will be released this February.

Track List:
1. Hush
2. Spiderlegs
3. Sugarwater
4. White White Lights
5. Lee Woke Me
6. San Diego
7. Fly In The Window
8. Middle Names
9. Fall Back Plan
10. Wait On Me

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