Posted Dec 5th, 2012 (11:30 am) by Lauren Boyce
Plaid Dragon live
Plaid Dragon live
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When asked to describe themselves, one may say they enjoy "long walks on the beach," or a "cold drink in hand on a hot day." Plaid Dragon says "dogs, dinos, and dragons." They also enjoy the likes of the late Carl Sagan, playing their Dog Physics EP release show on November 9 (also Sagan's birthday) dressed in his signature style of turtlenecks and corduroy blazers, while doing space related things. Rad.

Plaid Dragon are a five-piece band hailing from Springfield, MO headed by a delicate yet strong female vocalist. Merging together a blend of living room, mod-folk, pop, and some alternative ambient sounds, each of these characteristics are easily identified on their debut EP, Dog Physics. Although only at four tracks, Dog Physics is a harmonious blend of these elements that elicits a grounded, happy aura to carry around with you.

Related to the respect of the complex but beautifully simple Carl Sagan, and what the hell, the dogs too--this EP explores the simple and complex simultaneously, with their intertwined harmonies of pop guitar parts, shrills of horns, and a solid female demeanor. Dog Physics is only four tracks, but let's seriously hope to hear more from this Missouri group real soon, as they’ve got a full length in the works for early 2013.

To order a compact disc including original band art for $5, or name your price for a digital download of the EP, click here.

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