Posted Jan 2nd, 2013 (1:28 pm) by Lauren Boyce
Liz Lawrence
Liz Lawrence
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There's something to be said about a woman who can combine folk and pop and not sound like she was cut from a radio-friendly mold.

Liz Lawrence, 22, of London has carried her debut album Bedroom Hero in her back pocket since March of 2011. A series of obstacles ran her way preventing the immediate release, but hey--- new year, new album. Bedroom Hero was released yesterday, January 1. The album explores common issues of a young adult woman, using its folky roots of lyrical storytelling to its advantage to create an honest, relatable, and extremely catchy album. Her influences, clearly exemplified on her album include folk king Bob Dylan, Feist, Laura Marling, Patti Smith, and Leonard Cohen. If a fan of the strong female lead, this album fits nicely alongside artists like Brandy Carlisle, Gossling, and even Joni Mitchell.

Liz Lawrence has a promising 2013 ahead of her. She is currently promoting her album on a UK tour scheduled to run until March. In April she's going to return to the studio, and begin a follow up EP. Bedroom Hero is available at a name-your-price download on her bandcamp page until the end of the month.

Track Listing

1. Bedroom Hero
2. Oo Song
3. I'd Rather
4. When I Was Younger
5. Bathroom Spoons
6. Give Me Comfort
7. Monday Morning
8. One Day
9. Black and Blue
10.Fools Gold

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