Posted Jan 7th, 2013 (11:30 am) by Lauren Boyce

By now most of us are over the hype of new years, haven't quite given up on our resolutions yet (that's for February), and are still eager and hopeful for a new year of music. If you're into traditional and dark dubstep, you hoped--- Sleeper delivered.

Sleeper (first name Alex) began picking up momentum in 2011 by self promoting himself as one of the hardest working producers in dubstep. He is known all over the UK for keeping true to traditional dubstep, putting his main emphasis on sub frequencies and minimal track composition. Representing Coventry, UK, his mix of steadybeat, bassweight at a prolific rate began airing exclusively each week on both Distance’s and Youngsta’s renowned rinse FM shows. He quickly caught the eye of Chestplate's DJ Distance, and since started his career with the label and can be heard collaborating with Distance often.

On the first day of this year, Sleeper dropped his EP Enter, a collection of 10 tracks which blend together very much like a continuous club set. Enter is available via his bandcamp for a starting price of $11.25. 2012 was a very tour-packed year for Sleeper, so for now only one confirmed tour date is set in motion for Tribes Gathering Festival in Belgium on April 14. So for now, sit back and enjoy some dub.

And stick to your resolutions.

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