Posted Jan 4th, 2013 (10:00 am) by Lauren Boyce
Chris Randall
Chris Randall
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Today is Friday, January 4, 2013. Today is the day I stop thinking I'm a career-superwoman.

Why you ask? Today IYS has directed me to 44 year old Hawaiian native Chris Randall. He's a musician, producer, engineer, lighting designer, stage manager, production manager and designer, label owner, and former lead singer of pioneering industrial rock band Sister Machine Gun. Chris has released music with bands Micronaut and RT60, writes a monthly column for Computer Music Magazine, and is the co-owner of Audio Damage, a creator of music software plug-ins.

That was a long two sentences..

With his background in creating music software and just about everything else creative, it's no surprise this jack-of-all-trades musician is creating experimental electronic tunes. Moving from his industrial feel with Sister Machine Gun and his 2007 solo debut The Devil His Due, this past December Randall released a collection of 5 tracks, entitled electromechanical, an album sounding true to its name. Comprised entirely of experimental hand-made and electro-acoustic instruments, this album is very much a glimpse into the technical brain of an artist. Something seen not all too often.

I'd be willing to bet Randall is creating something as we speak. No word on any solid collaborations or follow up albums as of yet, but clearly this man doesn't take vacations. electromechanical is available via his bandcamp page to the bottom right.

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