Posted Sep 26th, 2013 (2:47 pm) by Thomas Dennis

Savages released their first video in support of their debut LP Silence Yourself back in April with "Shut Up," and now they've shared a second video for the album, this time for "Husbands."

With its black and white, smoke-lilted grain, the John Minton-directed video features back and forth shots of the band and insects. One shot in particular is an unmistakeable close-up of a praying mantis, an insect known for its strange mating rituals, wherein the female mantis devours her mate's head. While this doesn't happen in the video, the imagery is easily lent to the track's overall tone as lead singer Jehnny Beth sings, "God I want to get rid of it...my house, my bed, my husbands, husbands, husbands..."

Watch the video for "Husbands" below:

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