Posted Sep 26th, 2013 (8:45 pm) by Thomas Dennis
above and beyond
above and beyond

The University of Massachusutes administration has decided to cancel the October 4 Above & Beyond performance, as well as a show by Pretty Lights that was set for October 30 at the Mullins Center.

The cancellations are due to continued concerns over MDMA overdoses and deaths that have happened at recent EDM shows, most recently at The Electric Zoo festival where two people died in two days, resulting in the event being shut down on its last day after "consultation with the New York City Parks Department." The shows are not the first to be called off at the university over drug-related concerns. UMass also shut down Return to Fantazia, an EDM event that was initially set to take place on September 21, which will cost the college an estimated $18,500 in lost revenue.

The cancellations have brought up discussion concerning UMass' role in its decision to cancel the shows that highlight missed opportunities for the college to educate its students about the risks of abusing drugs like MDMA. In a statement addressed to students, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life Enku Gelaye said:

"While it is true that college students should be trusted to take responsibility for their own actions, our administrative and student leadership must also take responsibility for creating a safe and positive environment that encourages and cultivates good decision-making. That is ongoing work and critical to building a community of care and active engagement."

The New England-based show promoters NV Concepts have released a statement about the events saying that while they are looking for other venues to host these events, they will continue to "promote the safety of [their] concert goers and seek to be an educational resource in the prevention of substance abuse." That being said, NV Promotions also made the case that these cancellations were a "missed opportunity to collaborate with UMass on [an] important effort."

Like many students, NV Concepts say they share in the disappointment "for yet another lost opportunity to enjoy the music that you love."

Read NV Concepts' statements below:

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