Posted Jan 4th, 2013 (10:27 am) by Thomas Dennis

As one of the more prolific artist of 2012, releasing three outstanding albums in 12 months, Ty Segall is still showing no signs of stopping as it has been reported that he and his guitarist Charles Moonheart have merged their creative energy to form a new band called Fuzz.

Their debut 7", which offers tracks "This Time I Got a Reason" and B-side "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" is already sold out on Chicago's Trouble in Mind Records, who originally attempted to hide the identity of Fuzz members saying, "they cannot discern who is responsible for these jams." Meanwhile, the joke is on us as said "jams", although largely instrumental, are pretty damn distinguishable as they offer Segall's signature lo-fi guitar riff chunks, heavily laced with feedback and static. Not to mention YouTube footage of the band has surfaced, offering hard evidence of Fuzz's identity.

While copies of the 7" are sold out, you can stream both tracks below:

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