Posted Sep 25th, 2012 (10:00 am) by Thomas Dennis
Gold and Soil
Gold and Soil
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Gold and Soil, aka Ana Caravelle and Ryan York, are not your ordinary indie duo.

First off, they’re both PhD candidates in Psychology and Neuroscience, respectively. So yeah, they're both brainiacs. Secondly, they’ve both taken on impressive previous solo endeavors. In 2010, Caravelle released her solo album, a refined alloy of harp and vocals, Basic Climb and Ryan York, an experienced jazz bassist, cellist, and beat-smith who recently helped out Zola Jesus on her latest LP Conatus, put out his self-titled debut under the moniker Asura the same year. From the minute the two realized their need to record an album together in the dense hills and forest of Topanga Canyon outside their native Los Angeles, Gold and Soil were a match made in electro-orchestral heaven.

On their latest track “Alone”, which will be released on the self-titled LP November 13, it’s easy to pick up on the duality of the natural and urban worlds as York captures a textured industrial and mechanical aura via intricate African-influenced percussion versus Caravelle’s lush string and vocal arrangements against the faint trill of a bird, a motif that carries throughout the gorgeous four and a half minute track.

A whirlwind of sweeping synth surround Navab’s gorgeous vocals, which bring to mind the elegance and soul of Julia Holter, as she sings, “Our love kind is so small in the face of it all / Alone here.” Apart from the instrumental dichotomy of the track, Caravelle has expounded that “Alone” speaks to “the depths of wild childish play that grown adults can only fully experience in the context of giddy love”, an explanation which only intensifies the beauty of the track.

Gold and Soil are definitely not a duo worth missing out on this fall as they release their debut on November 13 via Non Projects.

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