Posted Sep 13th, 2012 (9:00 am) by John Schoonover
Source of Yellow
Source of Yellow
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In the sea of experimental rock groups that has seemingly permeated Brooklyn forever, it takes a lot to stand out. Brooklyn natives Source of Yellow, a trio who rely heavily on krautrock beats, electro-acoustic improvisation, and a good dose of Indian raga to craft their sound, may now have what it takes.

Having released a self-titled debut album in 2010, Source of Yellow will officially release a new EP, The Said, on Twin Lakes Records next week. While their debut album was very heavy on improvisation as a trio of woodwinds, bass, and drums, The Said seems to represent a tentative move up to the big leagues, utilizing better production, more diverse instrumentation, and concrete song structures to create something with much more staying power. The title track, a primal explosion of wailing, reverb-soaked vocals and pounding drums on top of wonderfully rhythmic electronics and bass, demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach. The three songs on The Said, diverse as they are, are a perfect snapshot of Source of Yellow’s complex sound.

With The Said, Source of Yellow seem to be taking themselves much more seriously, and having taken a small step in the right direction, one may expect whatever they do next to be a greater leap.

The entire EP can be streamed HERE.

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