Posted Nov 9th, 2012 (12:00 pm) by Emmett Eldred
+verb - Kool Aid

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Bass and beat producer +verb released Neon Comet (EP) this week, including classic trap piece "Kool Aid."

The piece epitomizes trap, exploring hip-hop vibes mixed with dubstep worthy beats, synth elements, and gritty bass. Well produced sections of technological insanity serve well to transition from one musical section to the next. In particular, +verb's introduction of a melodious yet chromatic synth motif is well done. It ties the piece together and allows for great musical exploration, as the six note line is played in different octaves, at different tempos, and with different rhythms, often overlapping with other variations. Each variation of the motif accomplishes something a little different and establishes a different tone. All in all, the track is indicative of a solid bass and beat album, well worth the $5 price tag.

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