Posted Sep 13th, 2013 (1:54 pm) by Emmett Eldred

L.A. artist Danny Fujikawa's synth-heavy solo project Swiiim released a music video of "All My Things" this week. The video, directed by Chris Acosta, features Fujikawa submerged in a shark cage, while a woman throws his possessions into the water.

"All My Things" is the first track on Swiiim's debut album, Cellophane Castle. The album was originally slated to drop Sept. 3 via Fujikawa and Acosta's Lightwave Records, but it is now scheduled for release on October 8th.

Check out the video for "All My Things" and the track list for Cellophane Castle below.

Track List:
1. All My Things
2. Ballad of Prince Harry
3. Cortexiphan
4. Dying for Love
5. First Republic
6. Golden Ship
7. I Am God
8. King of Venice
9. Moon Outshines the Sun
10. Nowhere To Go
11. Science Girl
12. Soho (after the weekend)
13. Through the Fire
14. We Aren't We In Love

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