Posted Sep 11th, 2012 (11:30 am) by Emmett Eldred
Nature of Things

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Athen's indie rocker Sillyboy isn't afraid to show a little Mediterranean flare on his upcoming album Nature of Things, to be released September 24th. No song more bravely displays his unique pita, feta, and minor chordal flavor than "Name Your God."

"Name Your God" is every indie fan's dream. It has just a hint of synth to highlight spots, a driving and complex bass line, beachy guitar complete with extend solo, affected and diverse drums, low and mysterious vocals in the verse juxtaposed with high crooning vocals in the chorus, and just a smattering of Socrates and democracy. It's no surprise that the bass in particular champions the song, since Sillyboy got his start playing bass for Greece's king of indie, The Expert Medicine.

While it is a comparatively dialed down piece, Sillyboy's "Name Your God" is one to look forward to owning, as is Nature of God, out September 24.

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