Posted Sep 14th, 2012 (10:30 am) by Emmett Eldred
Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

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"Lost River" by Murder by Death is more than just off the IYS beaten path, it's in a completely different world. It doesn't fit into any typical indie style, and it certainly isn't dubstep, electronic, or anything of the type. Truth be told, Murder by Death and, upcoming album Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon "Lost River" are arguably as close to (gasp) country or folk as they are to your typical indie sound.

We'll try not to hold it against them, after all, we are nothing here at IYS if not willing to try new things. When you get right down to it, "Lost River" isn't too bad, and it really shares a few key elements with the other genres we know and love. It makes definite progress as a song, starting with a dark and mysterious piano, cello, and drum intro, bubbling and gurgling like a lost river gradually, until it roars in a rapid white water climax. Most other aspects of "Lost River" are solid. It has a decent accompaniment and the vocals are strong, along with string ideas.

The most compelling aspect of "Lost River," though, is the lyrics. It's truly a poetic and sweet (though decidedly sullen and somewhat morbid) song. It's that branch of country that is actually pretty tolerable. That branch that is more folksy than anything and forsakes twang in the name of reason. Instead, the song follows a great legacy of storytelling that is deep and rich. It is the kind of storytelling that isn't interested in wives leaving or dogs dying, but rather "a lover who drowned in the river calling out and beckoning the living to join [her]."

Bloomington, Indiana indie group's "Lost River" is something entirely unique for IYS, but stripped down it really isn't that different.

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