Posted Sep 10th, 2012 (10:00 am) by Emmett Eldred
Conveyor LP

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In doing what few producers seem to be able to do, Cineplexx has taken the song, remained true to it in its structure, feel, and music, yet still transforms it into something that is totally transcendent of the original.

Both songs are great works and worthy of several listens, though most IYS listeners (and writers) would probably take Cineplexx's interpretation any day. It is in many ways the golden ideal of remixes: it sports a solid song choice (one that is both catchy and pliable), retains great musical sophistication, adds its own musical flare, drives it with a present and compelling beat, and really manages to hold the listeners interest.

From the beginning train allusion to the last few twittering notes, "Woolgather" (the Cineplexx version) does everything it is supposed to do, and much much more. Cineplexx is slated to appear next as a DJ at The Palladium in London on September 14.

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