Posted Sep 11th, 2012 (12:00 pm) by Emmett Eldred
Vicissitunes Volume 1

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Sit back, relax, and... that's about it. Mist Glider's "Chapter 14," off of upcoming album Vicissitunes Volume 1, is a break from the somewhat chaotic world of Inyourspeaker's main repertoire: the crazy, clashing, and climactic.

If Vicissitunes Volume 1 were a book, and each song a chapter, then the book would undoubtedly be about a guy who naps, and "Chapter 14" would be a continuation of that nap.

In reality, the album is much more eclectic because it is the compilation of several Santa Cruz artists, including Mist Glider and a former collaborator (but "Chapter 14 can still pretty much be summed up by napping). That's certainly not to say that "Chapter 14" is a bad song. It is the good kind of nap, where you stretch out in the back yard on a hammock, fall asleep, blanketed by the soporific sun, wake up from a text (3:17) then promptly drift back to sleep in a ramped-up though decidedly parallel slumber.

That pretty much sums the song up. It is sluggish and nearly dormant and utterly relaxing. To break the monotony, there is a small section of more exciting though fleeting action, and then the song returns to its original theme, though it is decidedly more involved. So, kick back or lay down, close your eyes, and curl up to "Chapter 14."

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