Posted Feb 27th, 2013 (11:00 am) by Emmett Eldred
Squeaky Lobster
Squeaky Lobster

Belgium is more known for its chocolate and waffles than its lobster, but Brussels hip-hop producer Squeaky Lobster would like to challenge that notion. In operation since 2007, Squeaky Lobster broke two years of radio silence on Feb. 4th with his first EP (Killing Eleven) since 2011.

Having performed for crowds across Europe, Squeaky Lobster brings a unique hip-hop flare to his music, which is reflected in the off-beat layout of his EP. Designed to flow like an old-fashioned mix tape, Killing Eleven strings together nearly uninterruptedly, divided only by the A and B sides.

As for the music itself, Squeaky Lobster's work combines experimental flare, a rich background in musical sensibilities, skittering beats, and overarching neo-hip-hop influences to produce unique, off-beat tracks. His music best achieves a sense of immersive, accessible, yet stimulating music. It's not exactly easy to listen to - the beat is all over the place, the melodies are hard to track, and everything about this music requires a certain level of focus. However, what focus is given to listening and appreciating Squeaky Lobster is immediately (and amply) rewarded. His music might be a little hard to wrap your head around, but you'll be glad you did.

Combining foundational synthesized production with interspersed real instrumentation and tying everything together with acute musical arrangement, Killing Eleven released Feb. 4th through Vlek Data is worthy of a listen, and perhaps even a purchase.

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