Posted Jul 22nd, 2015 (2:00 pm) by James Hughes
Work Drugs - True Romance

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In true Work Drugs fashion the Philadelphia, PA rockers brought a dreamy west coast beach party to your ears with their recent single.

The track, "True Romance," asks you to take its hand, climb onto the magic carpet, and trust them to show you a whole new world. The dreamy single can be overly catchy the first few times it is played because of the relaxed tone of the vocals, which just ask you to listen for just a little longer. The grainy guitar and piano center themselves around the frequently occurring chorus of "True Romance."

This track reminds me of the last fifteen minuets of a romantic comedy where the love between the two stars of the film are making out in some epic, spinning camera, montage. "True Romance" steps in the direction of a seasonal soundtrack. This song will not be there come those crisp fall days, or during the dark days of winter. This song is meant for summer. It is meant for spending the time outside enjoying the beautiful summer atmosphere full of great weather, beautiful people, and nights that never end. Work Drugs stay so crowd friendly with their music it is almost too much to handle at times. Each track they release, including "True Romance," provokes the feeling of that first time you fell in love - that feeling of warmth and security floods your mind.

"True Romance" is a rocket ship taking their passengers on a ride they will not soon forget. But, much like all the wishful feelings of summer, this track will soon return into a deep hibernation in the depths of your playlist. So, enjoy it while you still have many beautiful days ahead of you. "True Romance" is expected to be featured on Work Drugs upcoming album, which will be realed through Bobby Cahn Records Aug. 7.

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