Posted Aug 17th, 2015 (9:54 am) by James Hughes
Please Don't Watch CHVRCHES New Video For "Leave A Trace"
Please Don't Watch CHVRCHES New Video For "Leave A Trace"
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Have you ever watched something terrible happen in front of you but you just couldn't look away; like a train speeding down the rails to a head on collision. CHVRCHES new video is that train. From their upcoming album Every Open Eye, CHVRCHES released a train wreck of video for the album's single "Leave A Trace."

Without a director even listed on the YouTube page, the video looked to be a free for all. As a child of the TRL generation, I have found the best music videos told a story (noted that there were also many gaudy terrible videos). The videos that drew you in with a sense of personality and intimacy found themselves at the top of the charts. The music video does not have to be a Wes Anderson film, but at least have some resemblance of a story.

In a ploom of dry ice smoke, excessive lights, and too many close-up mirror shots the video embodied a pop dream. When I heard "Leave A Trace" for the first time, I never pictured this to be the resulting video. But, do not get me wrong here, the track itself proved to be a catchy little number.

If the shots were not this random mix of cliché angles and scenarios; this video would carry some potential. "Leave A Trace" fell into the realm of danceable popular music, but the cookie cutter/factory produced look and feel of the video screamed disingenuous. The video looked rushed and forced from the shot selection, and the visuals did not engage my eye. CHVRCHES produced too quality of a product for this effort, or lack there of, to exist as a part of their catalog.

I am excited though, and you should be too, for CHVRCHES forthcoming album Every Open Eye which will be released Sept. 25 through Universal. Take a look for yourself below.

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