Posted Sep 4th, 2012 (9:30 am) by James Hughes
Janet Jackson - "Again"

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A heartwarming, and private, sound that brings out what is loved by the Jackson family voice. How to Dress Well's remix ofJanet Jackson's "Again" focuses on engaging the listener with classical tenor, and he nails it.

Brooklyn-based HTDW, aka Tom Krell, creates a more intimate atmosphere with his softer piano, less back beat and airy vocals. When you listen to this track you feel that it is being played for you specifically. Mimicking the stylings of the great Janet Jackson, this track is a wonderful homage and we are impressed.

The one thing that keeps this song from really being perfect is that it's not the original. However, IYS without a doubt supports the efforts of HTDW; this song is truly great.

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