Posted Aug 20th, 2013 (5:47 pm) by James Hughes
The Subs
The Subs
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Off of the first half of the groups Collaborations double EP, Belgian producers The Subs released their track "The Moment To Give."

The first half of the Belgian producing team's Collaborations EP features Etienne De Crécy, John Roman, Shinichi Osawa, and Hoshina Anniversary. You can stream "The Moment To Give" above and check out the rest of The Subs EP on their Soundcloud. The EP is set to debut Sept. 2 via Lektroluv Records.

1. The Subs & Etienne De Crécy - The Moment To Give
2. The Subs & John Roman - The Mouth
3. The Subs & Shinichi Osawa - Demon
4. The Subs & Hoshina Anniversary - French Soda

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