Posted Jul 28th, 2015 (11:00 am) by James Hughes
Strange Talk

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Australian pop music maestros Strange Talk blend an odd mix of emotions with their new single "When It Feels So Good." And, I don't know weather to be laugh or cry and it is hurting my brain.

The single tells a tale of a man destroyed by a love that he has lost, and he now finds himself crying out to the world asking "why can't we be together." I want to feel bad for the guy, seeing that almost everyone has experienced a heartbreak or two, but unfortunately I just can't do it. The fluid dance energy that Strange Talk pump into this pop single overrides any empathy that I may have felt in the fist 10 seconds of the track.

Can you blame me though? The down-under duo pumps in so much of their old persona as four-piece indie rock band into this over-packed disco ball of dance music. It is almost impossible to listen to "When It Feels So Good" without some sort of smile on your face, and if it takes one man's heartbreak for them to create an emotional reaction with their listeners; then so be it. Strange Talk adds their proprietary blend of four on the floor bass and tight, warpy, sample loops, and chorus heavy lyrics that are a blatant homage to Daft Punk's legendary style.

Check out the track above and look out for more from this re-imagined project as they work to conquer the world with track like this.

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