Posted Apr 10th, 2013 (11:00 am) by James Hughes

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Troy Probst needs your help to make his dream a reality. The Untz Music Challenge will send their winning artists to perform at major American music festivals like; Big Up, Electric Forest, and Sonic Bloom.

Filibusta, in his submission to The Untz Music Challenge IV, presented to the world "Stay Up," and after just one listen - I'd vote for him. And with a once and a lifetime opportunity on the line, this track has a tough road ahead.

Filibusta showed that he can be one of those artists who will never need a feature on any of his tracks. DIY production is the quintessential asset in music today. A well rounded artist has to be able to do it all to truly be successful. Be it creating your own beats for your rhymes, editing your own music and videos, or being your own boss - that individual effort goes along way in the long journey to becoming successful in this industry.

Heavy glitch hop beats bob your head and make you want to shake something..of course in a good way. Not overly experimental but definitely had the mixing chops to keep a steady variety of samples for the audience. The limited vocals did rub us the wrong way. A verse or two could have really been the icing on this already delicious cake, and given us a more in depth look at Filibusta.

Check out the other tracks and vote for who you think should be given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Important Dates for The Untz Challenge IV
3/18 – Track submission begins

3/29 – Track submission ends 11:59pm PST

4/4 – Voting begins

4/26 – Voting ends 11:59pm PST

4/29 – Popular vote and staff pick winners announced

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