Posted Dec 28th, 2012 (5:00 pm) by James Hughes
Mountain Range, "It's Lonely Around People, Too"

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Bad Panda Records have a strange goal as a record label - "one new release every monday" - but so far it is working.

Their newest release features the English producers John Pratt and Stuart Thomas' project, Mountain Range. The track "It's Lonely Around People, Too" gets lost in itself at moments, but is still an entertaining track.

A slow and intriguing build up over the first minute and a half hooks in the listener. The intro does last a surprising amount of time, and patience is needed. Mountain Range's "It's Lonely Around People, Too" takes this perplexing beginning and vibes out with it for a 10 minute ambient jam. This individual sound is stale at moments and every section of "It's Lonely Around People, Too" could be cut down for time.

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