Posted Oct 15th, 2014 (10:03 am) by James Hughes
Monster Rally & Jay Stone - Foreign Pedestrians (feat. Brandon Rayson)
Monster Rally & Jay Stone - Foreign Pedestrians (feat. Brandon Rayson)
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As the first listen off the forthcoming album Foreign Pedestrians, Monster Rally released the true to heart single "Cognac."

The single features collaborative production from Brandon Rawson and lyrics from underground Oakland based rapper Jay Stone. Foreign Pedestrians is the first ever collaboration between the two California artists. The album, a 12" vinyl, is expected to be released through Gold Robot Records Jan. 27. You can preorder the album on Gold Robot Records website. Steam the single, and download your copy, above and make sure to keep your eyes out for this homage to the golden era of hip hop come January.

Foreign Pedestrians Track List:
  1. Lake Merritt
  2. Permeate / No Cilantro
  3. Recollection
  4. Melancholy
  5. Cognac (feat. Brandon Rayson)
  6. Mr. F.T.S.
  7. Parthenogenesis (feat. Brandon Rayson)
  8. Lake Merritt (Instrumental)
  9. Permeate / No Cilantro (Instrumental)
  10. Recollection (Instrumental)
  11. Melancholy (Instrumental)
  12. Cognac (Instrumental)
  13. Mr. F.T.S. (Instrumental)
  14. Parthenogenesis (Instrumental)
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